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Airtrail Slovenia team is in transport-taxi bussiness from 2006 on. From the start on, we  devote a lot of concerns to our team of drivers. All drivers have basic education,speak at least one foreign language (English) and they need to pass tourist exam.Not one of our team members has less than 5 years experience in branch and we are proud to say that in all years of operating, we didn´t have single road accident with passengers in the car.

We offer you affordable and reliable private transfer to Ljubljana downtown for a budget price of 25 euros.25 euros.

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More information are available on +386 41 281 228 or via

Airtrail Slovenia [vsi oglasi tega podjetja]

Na Korošci 17

1000 Ljubljana

Država: SLO. [Slovenija]

TEL: 00386 (0)41 281 228

Spletna stran:


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